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Tile Roof Pros & Cons

Tile roof

Roofing tiles are one of the favorite options for the construction of most homes, since despite being quite robust, expensive and very heavy, their resistance to the passage of time makes them virtually indestructible; a roof made entirely of tile can last up to 100 years.

Nowadays there are all kinds of tiles, being able to choose from a wide variety of materials and shapes for the construction of our totally customized roof: slate, terracotta, molded and tinted concrete, flat, grooved, curved, interlocked, and many options.

On the other hand, these types of tiles also work best in homes located in very warm climates and close to the coast; they are the most used in all homes on the southwest coast of Florida and California. In addition, if we live in a place where there is little rain but too much force, shingles will effectively flush the water out and prevent flooding.

Below, for those of you who are considering building a home with a tile roof, we will explain in detail all the pros and cons of this material so that you can choose with complete confidence if this type of roof is the most suitable for you.


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Tile Roof Pros and Cons


They’re very resilient

Clay or concrete roof tiles are known to be really resistant, remaining unpolluted after hurricanes, rain, wind and even after a fire. This is why this type of roof is always installed in places around the world where the risk of a hurricane or tornado is very high.

They help us save

It may seem odd that a roof can help you save money, but it does: tile roofs are able to create an insulating layer from the outside, reducing the entry of heat in the summer months and cold in the winter. This will help us save by not having to depend on electrical heating and cooling devices.

They are very easy to maintain

Its great resistance to climatic adversities makes the maintenance of this type of roof minimal. Although, we will always have to supervise it and check that no tiles have been moved over the years, but generally the investment in repairs for this roof will be very low.

They’ll last you a lifetime

It’s no exaggeration to say that this roof will be with you until the end of your days. Those who have tested it claim that this roof can endure virtually intact for over 100 years, so unless we live much longer than 100 years, this roof will endure with us forever.

They’re resistant to pests

Another aspect that makes this roof one of the best in construction is its resistance to any type of pest. The tiles are waterproof and do not generate insects, naturally preventing pests from surviving through their joints and moving inside the house.


They’re very heavy

Despite being very resistant, this type of roof is very heavy and not all houses are suitable for it. Therefore, before deciding to install it, we should consult a professional roofer who will supervise whether the structure of the house is compatible to support the entire weight of the roof.

They are very expensive

The truth is that if your budget for building your new home is limited, choosing a tile roof is not your best option. Clay or concrete tiles are twice as expensive as asphalt ones, but of course they are also twice as strong and beautiful; it’s all a matter of budget.

Its installation is very complicated

The installation of a clay or concrete tile roof is really complicated to carry out, being necessary to modify the whole structure of the roof to be able to place it properly and without structural failures that endanger the security of the house and of those who live inside.

This will also mean an additional expense, since we will have to look for an experienced roofer who will give us guarantees that the installation will be adequate. Many times a faulty installation is carried out to save some money, causing the roof to last no longer than 50 years and we have to replace it completely.

These are the main characteristics of tile roofs that any person should take into account before deciding whether to install it in their own home. Tile roofs are a professional option full of long-term advantages, however the final decision will always depend on the economic aspect and the personal tastes of each person.